Breast Cancer: Signs And Causes

Breast CancerBreast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer which occurs mostly in women, but sometimes can be diagnosed also in men. American medical specialists estimated that in 2007 about 178,000 American women could potentially have developed breast cancer (Mayo Clinic). Currently, doctors diagnose more than 30 various types of this disease. The warning signs of breast cancer are familiar to overwhelming majority of modern women, because this subject is frequently discussed in different popular TV programs, medical magazines and other mass media.

If some type of thickening, lumps or swelling, as well as changes in contour, size, or other changes in breasts were noticed, it is necessary to see the doctor for evaluation of the problem and making diagnosis. Certainly, some of these signs can be connected with pregnancy or menstrual cycle; therefore, they may not indicate breast cancer. However, various lumps and thickening remain the leading symptoms of this disease. Other signs include redness, retraction, indentation or other changes of the skin around the nipple, bloody or other types of discharges from the nipple, any changes of the skin texture over the breast, and so on.

Recently, medical specialists have been researching several possible causes that can possibly bring to breast cancer. The studies revealed that genetic factor has minimal influence on developing this disease. According to recent statistics publicized by Mayo Clinic, only 5-10% of women can inherit related genetic mutations that result in developing breast cancer. In addition, medical researches aimed on investigating the influence of environmental factor on the development of breast cancer still continue. However, it is scientifically proved that the women who were exposed to any chemical or radiation therapy have increased chances to develop breast cancer.

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