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Stress And Coping Models

Stresses and continuous emotional tension are a big problem of modern people, and developing good stress management skills is very important for everyone. Today’s psychologists, psychiatric therapists and other experts recommend a great variety of special techniques to lower the effects of stress and coping models. In particular, such tactics as positive thinking, eating a

Stresses And Stress Management Techniques

Stress is a reaction of our body on some extreme conditions, connected with possible danger, threat, problem, bad news,  and so on. There are acute (short-term) stresses and chronic (lasting) stresses. Acute stresses are sudden stresses which cause a rapid response and certain changes in our body. Chronic stresses are continuous conditions, which usually result

Breast Cancer: Diagnostics And Treatment Options

As a rule, specialists connect breast cancer with certain hormonal misbalances in female body, which can be caused by such factors as interruption of pregnancy (especially the first one) or irregularities in sexual life of a woman. Many doctors underline that in order not to develop breast cancer it is necessary to avoid abortions, because