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The Dangers Of Using Anabolic Sterodis

Many modern bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts use steroids and steroidal supplements because these stimulators are very helpful for improving physical performance and growing muscles fast. Some of the athletes  receive wrong information from their friends or managers about possible dangers of using anabolic steroids. Another cause of using steroids is desire to ignore the dangers

Marijuana Legalization, Pros And Cons

Despite quite long historical development of legal control over cultivation and use of cannabis, the issue of marijuana legalization became the point of vivid public discussion only lately. While many specialists around the globe criticize the position of Holland, which was the first country to legalize marijuana, the researches show that the level of drug

Diabetes: Symptoms, Signes And Treatment Options

Specialists classify 2 types of diabetes: (1) so called juvenile diabetes, the condition when a human body produces too little (or completely stops producing) insulin, which is necessary for converting body sugar into energy; (2) more common condition, when a human body develops resistance to insulin effects or low sensitivity to it, and these defective