Diabetes: Symptoms, Signes And Treatment Options

diabetesSpecialists classify 2 types of diabetes: (1) so called juvenile diabetes, the condition when a human body produces too little (or completely stops producing) insulin, which is necessary for converting body sugar into energy; (2) more common condition, when a human body develops resistance to insulin effects or low sensitivity to it, and these defective reactions cause very high sugar level in blood (hyperglycemia).

The symptoms and signs of the both types include, first of all, attacks of thirst and, as a result, frequent urination. Also, lack of energy in human body can cause extreme hunger, but usually diabetic people do not gain weight. Finally, high level of sugar in blood and lack of sugar in body cells can cause problems with eyes and fatigue. People with type 2 diabetes usually have difficulties when healing sores and fighting with different infections.

diabetesIn order not to develop diabetes, it is necessary to undertake the following preventive measures: (1) going in for sports and having not less than 30 minutes of physical activities every day (walking, jogging, swimming, riding a bike, etc.); (2) eating healthy food, mainly foods with low calories and fat, like vegetables, fruit, etc.; (3) keeping normal body weight by dieting and regular exercising; (4) controlling alcohol consumption, etc.

Treatment options embrace monitoring and recording the level of sugar in blood, as well as taking some medications and insulin therapy, which includes insulin injections or using insulin pump. Also, proper self-care can be an important element of treatment program, including taking care about own body, controlling blood pressure and level of cholesterol, living psychologically balanced and emotionally positive life, etc.

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