Marijuana Legalization, Pros And Cons

MarijuanaDespite quite long historical development of legal control over cultivation and use of cannabis, the issue of marijuana legalization became the point of vivid public discussion only lately. While many specialists around the globe criticize the position of Holland, which was the first country to legalize marijuana, the researches show that the level of drug abuse in this country is very low. Moreover, recently a lot of new information about the effects of using cannabis was revealed and marijuana related dangers proved to be minimal.

That is why more and more people start supporting the idea that marijuana must not be strictly prohibited for adults, but just legally controlled, taxed and regulated. There are various scientific arguments in favor of marijuana, especially in comparison with such “usual things” of our life as tobacco and alcohol. According to the experts, marijuana is less harmful than tobacco, and smoking marijuana does not cause any dependence. Moreover, when the effects of using alcohol usually lead to aggressive behavior, human reaction on marijuana can be described as pacifism and non-violent behavior.

Also, the proponents of decriminalization of cannabis cultivation point on possible positive economic effects which can be achieved after marijuana legalization. They say that national government will be able to receive up to several billions USD from taxes on marijuana in case of its legalization. Furthermore, much higher incomes can be obtained from cannabis processing industry and related industrial branches. Even strictly controlled sells of marijuana will bring a lot of money from licenses and excise duties. Thus, good money could be saved at the expense of cancellation of different federal programs and other “anti-marijuana efforts”.

Marijuana LegalizationBesides, there are  other issues connected with legalization of marijuana. Experts point on medical advantages of using cannabis, which is especially effective when treating people with  cancer. That is why in some states using marijuana with medical purposes was recently permitted. Also, many people are convinced that legalization of marijuana will help to decrease the number of crimes connected with drug dealing and abuse.

However, there are a lot of opponents of marijuana legalization who built their argumentation mostly on ethical, religious or social statements related to the issue. Many consider marijuana consumption to be the first step to using other more dangerous drugs, like heroine, cocaine, etc. They underline that if marijuana is legalized, it would bring to a number of new unnecessary dangers in our daily life, including driving under effect of marijuana, making children smoke marijuana, and so on.

Also, many researches by the representatives of FDA resulted in scientific findings show that marijuana is harmful for health and can cause serious physical and mental damage, like lung cancer, brain damage, amotivational syndrome, depression, etc.Nevertheless, the number of people in the United Sates who support marijuana legalization increases every year. This tendency is supposed to be global, that is why many specialists suppose that decriminalization of marijuana cultivation and distribution in the most developed democratic societies of the world is only a matter of time.

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