The Causes Of Hair Loss

hair lossHair is a very important element of everyone’s image. That is why often hair loss causes a lot of discomfort or other negative psychological effects. People, who start losing hair, usually feel depressed and disappointed with own look. Sometimes, these feelings can grow into harder psychological disorders. Also, another effect of hair loss is a desire of such people to use some medical help in order to stop this problem and restore the hair.

Causes Of Hair LossThere are three groups of reasons which are considered to be the main causes of hair loss. The first group includes various psychological reasons. Those are, first of all, different stresses and the conditions, which cause anxiety, worry and continuous nervous tension. There are numerous situations, when people start losing their hair after serious psychological traumas and shocks, such as a reaction on sudden death of a family member, etc.

The second group includes physical factors. Such reasons as eating disorders, dieting and taking a lot of medications, injuries, malfunctions of liver and thyroid, infectious diseases and problems with the level of hormone called dihydro-testosterone, can cause hair loss. Besides, such physical factors as aging, consumption of some toxic substances and exposure to great doses of radiation also contribute greatly to the development of this problem.

Finally, the third group includes genetic reasons, such as genetic predisposition to hair loss. It is one of the strongest and the most common causes of hair loss. Very frequently men inherit from their fathers and grandfathers the genes which cause baldness. Fortunately, modern medical technologies offer a variety of effective solutions, including hair loss treatment (medications, special diets, massage of head, and so on), hair implantation and others.

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