Abortion: Thinking About Social Controvercies

Abortion remains one of the most enthusiastically argued societal plus ethical issues.  Both sides present widespread arguments for and against abortion. The pro-life groups give emphasis to the argument of protecting human life in view of the fact that formation at any cost, to the point of giving complete precedence to the life of the unborn fetus over the life of the mother. The pro-choice group emphasizes the argument that a woman must have a right to deal with her body to the point of absolutizing her right over the natural phenomenon of development of a new living being.

We own our bodies and we usually suppose that a responsible being has the right to decide what can be done to that body. If you think for the sake of argument, that when a woman is pregnant you have the only circumstance of two living beings in the same body, still, one is thinking and choosing and one is not. The options you have are, do you still allow the thinking being to decide, or is the matter decided by a third party (the state) purporting to indicate the nonthinking being and the society at large?  Thus this reasoning may seem clear when one is speaking of the “right to abortion.”

Nothing is more devastating than a life lacking freedom. A life in which one can be imposed into parenthood is just such a life. Rape is among the most considerate denials of freedom, and convincing a woman to put up with a rapist’s child is an assault on her humanity. How different is it to compel her to stay pregnant and become a mother only for the reason that efforts at birth control by chance failed? From her viewpoint, the pregnancy is as well unwanted. From the viewpoint of the fetus, how the pregnancy started certainly makes no difference.

abortionIf forcing a woman to keep pregnancy that will relatively without doubt kill her is impermissible, how different is it to force her to continue a pregnancy that will probably shorten her life? Or a pregnancy that will leave her life a shambles?

The majority of women use contraception – and abortion when necessary – for the motive that they want to be good mothers to the children they previously have. Some are just not prepared or able at a given moment to have children and a small however growing number, whose position deserves respect, do not wish to have children at all. Concerns on the subject of women’s health, family welfare and poverty are extensive reasons for abortion, mainly among women with several children.

In essence, the majority of the babies that are aborted are unwanted babies. Mother of baby believes that they would be poorly mistreated as well as ignored. This is why abortion is acceptable to them. They believe abortion is putting away the child from mistreatment.

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