Causes And Effects Of Using Steroids

Modern bodybuilders and athletes frequently use steroids and steroidal supplements because these stimulators are very helpful for improving physical performance and growing muscles very fast. Some of the athletes use steroids because they receive wrong information from their friends, trainers or managers about possible dangers of steroids. Finally, another cause of using steroids is desire to ignore the dangers and challenge own organism.

Certainly, steroids are effective for increasing strength and size of muscles. But there is a great deal of negative effects, which can seriously damage the organism and even cause death. Psychological effects of using steroids include the attacks of increased aggression and uncontrolled anger, various psychological disorders, panic attacks, hallucinations, sleeping disorders, and so on. Besides, in some situations steroids can cause addiction.

The second group of the effects includes the factors connected with increased level of testosterone and hormonal changes in the body. The men who use steroids can start having problems with urination, suffer from erectile malfunction or shrinking of the testicles, start developing breasts, etc. The girls who use steroids can start developing male characteristics, including growing facial hair, having deepened voice and menstrual irregularities, etc.

In addition, using steroids can result in problems with blood pressure, the level of cholesterol in blood and normal functioning of digestive system. Finally, steroids also affect such important organs of human organism, as liver and heart, and can cause liver malfunction, heart attack, as well as liver or blood cancer. That is why in order to remain healthy, it is strongly recommended to avoid using steroids.

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