Teenage Premarital Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important and responsible periods in life of a woman. Waiting for and delivering a baby is beautiful and exciting, but, at the same time, bringing a new person to this world is always accompanied with big changes, big efforts, with being dependent and not free, or with other significant upheavals. That’s why it is absolutely essential for a woman to be well-prepared for getting pregnant, for giving birth and for bringing up a child from all the positions: social, psychological, moral, economic, etc.

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy is a result of planned decisions. Statistically, more than 50% of pregnancies in the USA are unplanned and unwanted. This amount includes overwhelming majority of premarital pregnancies, or pregnancies outside of marriage. Such concept strictly contradicts known social axiom, which says that every child must be brought up by joint efforts of both mother and father. That is why premarital pregnancy mostly causes harmful consequences, both for parents and for their children, and it reflects negatively on child’s development, physical and psychological health, self-concept, etc.

The issue about “premarital pregnancy” can be associated, first of all, with teenage pregnancy. In our times of free life-style it is quite easy for a teenage girl to become pregnant: after a sexual intercourse or after a rape incident, etc. As a rule, such premarital pregnancy is totally unexpected. Besides, many teenagers are still dependent on their parents, who are usually against early pregnancies and childbirths. That is why premarital pregnancy may result for a girl in psychological disorders, like stresses, depression, insomnia, or other difficulties. Also, it can be accompanied with smoking, alcohol abuse or taking drugs.

More problems may take place, when the time of giving birth is getting closer. A young pregnant girl may feel afraid, confused, or frustrated. These feelings are usually caused by biological and psychological changes of female organism, which occur during teenage pregnancy. If such a girl is not properly ready for delivering a baby without support of husband, she may get extremely stressed after hearing the first cry of her child. She may start thinking that she got this heavy burden on her back too early, especially if she does not have help and support from her parents, too.

In such a case, the young mother will consider this premarital “unnecessary” pregnancy to be a mistake of the whole life. So the early born child will never be taken as somebody wanted and welcomed, no matter what kind of future is waiting for him. And the most probable destiny of the child of such young mother is to be brought up by grandparents in young ages. Then he may become a stepchild of another man, mother’s husband, and will have to learn to live with step-siblings. As we all know from the books or our own experiences, such “scenario” rarely brings to happy and cloudless life of an early born child.

Besides, premarital pregnancy may deeply affect young men as well. Having learned that his teenage girl-friend is pregnant, the boy is forced to make a haste decision, whether to marry her or not. If he decided to marry, it may be just a required act, which is not supported properly by love and financial stability. Of course, such marriage will not be long-lasting and happy. The alternate decision (not to marry) may bring the boy into a state of depression, or cause feelings of guilt and, again, using drugs or alcohol. Such boy may lose interest in girls for very long time.

In order to avoid all above mentioned negative consequences of unwanted pregnancies in young ages, parents and adults must carry out special educational trainings for the teenagers. It can be lectures in the schools and colleges about sexuality, sexual relationship and pregnancy (must be attended by boys and girls). Such lectures will make the teenagers familiar with the particularities of sexually active life, with contraceptives and protective means, and with possible consequences of pregnancy in young age. It is very important and topical in our times.

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