Bad Eating Habis And Obesity Through School Breakfasts

Although, at the end of the day it is the parents choice as to what a child may eat keep in mind that with the demands given today children are eating the majority of their meals outside of the home.  With more women working outside of the home, a lot of the marketing is being driven to that group, the working mother when it comes to food.  There has been a decrease in children consuming breakfast in the last twenty due to the increase of woman working outside of the home so foods and portions are not being monitored.  This is where the ease of having a frozen food or a toaster pastry becomes breakfast.  It is the advertising of not just fast food but better yet convenience.  What would be considered breakfast on the go but what if the child is eating at the school?   Then the question becomes what is being served in the school’s breakfast and lunch program?

The school breakfast and lunch programs have become essential in the food consumption of a child.  This is very apparent today since the majority of homes both parent are working outside of the home leaving less time for meals especially breakfast and lunch.   In some instances the school breakfast or lunch may be the only healthy meal that a child may eat the day.  Please keep in mind that these food programs have only been reformed in the last two to three years.  Before this reform of the school breakfast and lunch programs the average lunch consisted of fast foods and sugary drinks.  Now many schools have banned soft drinks and foods high in saturated fats.  There are introducing much healthier choices that are both nutritious and child friendly.  Now we have covered the issues of breakfast and lunch, so what about dinner?

Another very large increase in advertisement is the fast food and convenience food family meal.  These consist of what fast food companies consist of a “family sized” meal, the convenience of a meal in a box and the ever popular kids meal.  For many years the convenience of preserved food has lured many but now these have are unfortunately staples in some homes.  They are all full of preservatives, additives and fat.  It has become the answer to many parents who work outside of the home.  The media portrays these foods as convenient and it gives the notion that family can be united at the table with these fast foods.  Unfortunately, due to the increase in consumption many are lacking the daily nutrients needed and not only is this affecting children but adults as well.

The fast food family meal is another food on the go.  A perfect example of this fast food family meal is Kentucky Fried Chicken who only changed there cooking practices a couple of months ago.  They went from frying their chicken in saturated fat to now cooking it in Canola oil.  Their advertisements entice the buyer into buying these meals for both the variety and convenience in the end portraying that the entire family will be happy.  While people are becoming more dependent upon food on the outside, parents in particular are becoming increasing dependent of media used by children to keep their child entertained.

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