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Of course, it is very difficult to be a good parent. Effective parenting requires a lot of efforts, as well as, undoubtedly, some special knowledge and experience. That is why nowadays it is possible to take so called “parenting classes”, both in person and on-line. Such schools and programs for effective parenting offer all necessary information, recommendations and share experience on how to deal with any possible problems and issues, connected with raising a child, like breastfeeding, bathing, nutrition, training, and many others.

Certainly, parenting classes are somehow helpful for reducing child abuse. First of all, such lessons are useful to avoid emotional abuse, because the knowledge and skills parents receive form such classes make them feel confident and prepared for any hard situations around the child. That is why the amount of stresses, nervous breakdowns or other psychological disturbances, affecting children very much, can be lowered. Also, parents learn that physical punishment must not grow into aggression and not to cause physical abuse. Therefore, parenting classes can help parents to keep positive and to avoid unintentional child mistreatment.

At the same time, the hardest cases of child abuse are connected with violence, sexual abuse and neglect, which are, unfortunately, the most common types of child mistreatment nowadays. parentingThe affect of such abuse on children is really awful and usually has long-term consequences. Therefore, people who can harm, neglect or abuse children in such a way are more likely to have serious mental disorders and problems, which certainly can not be fixed by attending parenting classes.

Parenting can be taken as a structured system of actions and reactions, created by parents for assisting proper development of their child. Some programs on effective parenting suggest basing this system on the following fundamentals: structure, consistency, accountability and motivation. Alternative programs recommend building parenting system on simplicity and parental intuition.

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