Parenting: Social Aspects And Methods

parentingNo feeling and no experience can be compared to being a parent. Raising children is very exciting and significant period of life, which is connected with tons of new experiences, changes, discoveries, and, certainly, with huge responsibility. In all hardness of our times, parenting remains to be a great challenging endeavor.

Generally speaking, parenting includes some definite social aspects. Those are, first of all, physical care, which means providing the child with house, food, clothing, medicines, toys, books and all the things needed for normal development, and emotional support, which means love, concern, appreciation, etc. Also, parents have to support children financially: to pay for their education, medical insurance and to defray all the other expenses; and promote their social development, like giving basic education, developing necessary skills, teaching the child good manners and proper behavioral patterns, etc.

In addition, there is a number of the most popular methods and practices of parenting, which are being used as effective strategies to control children’s behavior and development. The oldest one of those is method of praise and punishment, which means rewarding the child for good acts and punishing for bad ones. Specialists suggest that physical methods of punishing (for example, spanking) are considerably less effective than non-physical ones (like cancellation of going to the movies, etc). For this strategy, it is very important to make child understand, what exact act he/she is praised or punished for.

The other strategy is parental supervision. It means constant monitoring the child’s behaviors or activities. Such supervision is absolutely essential when parenting babies and infants, because they are usually very active and curious. In addition, parental supervision includes the efforts of parents, directed on keeping the child away from negative informational resources and media, like movies, Internet sites or public editions, which present images of violence or pornography.

Finally, one more effective method, described by a famous pediatrician Dr. William Sears, is “attachment parenting”. This method is based on creating and keeping a special close emotional connection between parents and their child. Such bonds have to be established on the earliest stages of parenting (by breastfeeding, bed sharing, etc.) and they will help to base the process of raising a child on mutual trust, devotion, openness, and understanding. It is supposed to be an effective technique, which advantages healthy development and progress of a child.

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