Parenting A Teenager

Raising a teenager is probably the hardest stage of parenting, because parents have to deal with already formed personality with his or her own viewpoints, who has a lot of inner misunderstandings and fears, who has daily struggles and fights with many dangers and temptations, who is still looking for answers, what is right and what is wrong in this world. On this stage it is essential for parents to find proper approach to the child and to protect him from bad influences, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, psychological disorders, self-injury, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Teenagers are very sensitive to everything: to being not noticed, to being praised or to being challenged. Many used to believe that teenagers do everything possible to stay away from their families, avoid responsibilities and find own special place in this life, but this theory should not be considered true. Most of the teenagers seek for emotional contact with their parents and their families, and look for any sort of support from the people they love. That is why for the best parenting a teenager such strategy as open support and understanding should be chosen, no matter how good or successful the child is.

As a rule, teenagers feel a lot of pressure as a result of hard study, loneliness, different social or personal failures, conflicts between parents or their divorce, and other misunderstandings. That is why parental support can be necessary and effective, but it must not critically contradict with those social effects and influences, which child receives daily from friends, classmates and teachers. On this stage parents have to learn, how to stimulate the child without enforcing him.

There are different parenting styles used in modern families, starting from total democracy and ending up with total autocracy. Some parents pay no attention on the specifics and difficulties related to parenting teenagers. Every family has different values, traditions, social concerns, level of education and other important factors which influence parenting to a great extent. Many specialists come to the point that one of the most important principles of parenting a teenager is to avoid extremes in everything. It is essential to be flexible, tolerant, open and able to predict the situation. And it is very important to understand and trust your teenage sin or daughter.

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