Parenting: Stages Of Parenting

Undoubtedly, parenting does not start with the birth of a child. Scientific researches proved that unborn children gain abilities to sense, to feel and even to remember, being yet in mother’s womb. That is why they are always affected by mom’s physical or psychological condition. Besides, they are totally dependent on their moms in nutrition. A pregnant woman has to change her nutritional choices and habits in order to provide her coming baby with all necessary nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, it is possible to say that parenting begins on the stage of pregnancy.

Parenting an infant is one of the most responsible phases. Within the first months newborn babies require infinite care and attention from their moms. First of all, daily care is connected with breastfeeding and proper nutrition, as well as bathing, sleeping and having walks with the child. Special attention has to be paid on infant’s health and such problems, like teething, baby colic, frequent stomach breakdowns, changes in nutrition, immunization, etc.

When a child grows into a toddler, parenting requires applying some educative and training techniques. First of all, it includes training a child to use toilet, to use cups and spoons when eating, to learn speaking and counting, to learn communicating and making friends, etc. parentingThis is the time, when child can already express curiosity, pain, fear, aggressiveness and obstinacy, that’s why it is important for parents to know how to balance the child on emotional level.

Preschool parenting brings more responsibilities into daily routine of raising a child. On this stage parents have to provide their child with proper preschool education, like learning to read and write, learning how to deal with friends and other people, how to be disciplined, polite and obedient, etc. Such preliminary trainings will be a great help for child’s first years in school in perspective of his academic achievements, social position, skills and personal development.

Frequently on these later stages parents have less time to care about their child. The reason can be necessity to work outside of home, or having another baby coming. That is why parents often need help and have to employ some services of special child day care organizations, like kindergartens, private child day care centers or babysitters, etc. It is important to have day care facilities available as public service, because many mothers and fathers (especially single parents) need assistance of qualified specialists in taking care about the child.

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