Fitness And Nutrition

In recent years the issues related to health care and physical fitness are growing more and more topical for our society in general and for every its member in particular. We are extremely busy in our daily life with our studies, business and work, friends and families, computers and Internet, or something else, so just a few of us can always find proper time for morning exercising, healthy eating or yoga, skin care and hair care procedures, and maintaining healthy lifestyle all the time. It is, actually, rather sad, because it is extremely important for everyone to start taking care about health and improve physical fitness as early as possible.

Personally I started thinking about the issues of health and fitness some years ago, and I tried to figure out for myself, how to change my daily schedule and make some efforts to improve my physical fitness in the most effective way. First of all, I started visiting sport saloon three times a week and worked especially on the muscles of my back and shoulders, because my spine was not in too very good condition after all these days of studying. It was a great revelation to me, because even after one or two months of regular workouts I started feeling a lot better, my muscles became tighter and my shoulders grew considerably stronger. Thus, I made my body more athletic and really stronger.

Besides, I started thinking about optimal nutrition. Once in a summer camp I had a friend, who had some sort of eating disorder. He was eating a lot, and such visual example made me recognize the necessity to control the amounts of my daily meals. First of all, I stopped eating much of bread and bakery. Second, I tried to have my evening meal before 7 p.m. and not to go to bed with the full stomach. Third, I started controlling the amount of fats in my meals. I knew that such a strategy could work only within some long period of time, that’s why I followed such regime for some years. Finally, I started feeling better and lighter; I do not feel any heaviness and, moreover, I never feel any desire to line my stomach and, possibly, spoil my digestion.

(to be continued)

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