Parenting And Education

In education, it is very important not to leave a child completely to the schools. There are activities, which must be done at school, and there are ones, which have to be done at home. Certainly, parents have to involve (till definite degree) in the process of schooling their child, as well as continue educative work at home. Establishing effective connection and communication between parents and teachers is extremely helpful for proper development and academic success of the child.

Effective communication can be achieved, first of all, by regular consultations and chats between parents and teachers, both in formal and informal environment. It is necessary for parents to be positive in their attitude to schools and teachers, and be always ready to initiate the communication. Such parent-teacher communication is a perfect way to monitor and to solve possible problems, connected with child’s study, to develop some special strategy for motivating the child to study more effectively, or just to receive some important information and to share opinions.

Therefore, the main responsibility of parents to educational organizations is to be always available for communication with teachers and to show concern about the achievements of the child. Also, it is necessary not to ignore any programs or special events in the school, which require participation of parents. It is usually very important for the child, when mom or dad comes to school and demonstrates his/her best abilities or qualities. Finally, parents have to be opened for rendering any sort of participation and help in the school or in the classroom.

From the other side, schools have to encourage parents for being more involved into educational activities. With this purpose, different competitions, contests, concerts, presentations, discussions and other special events for parents and children have to be regularly organized in the schools. This will help teachers to monitor parent-child communication, have an outer look on their relationships and make possible suggestions on their improvement.

It is necessary to notice that when speaking about parenting (especially about its early stages), it may seem that the majority of the responsibilities on taking care about the child have to be performed by mother. At the same time, the role of father in parenting is not less significant. Father is the one, who understands that the best way in parenting is not preaching and sermonizing, but simply being an example for the children in everything.  Strength, determination, tolerance, gratitude and love are the best support from father to his children and wife.

Parenting is the most beautiful, important and highly rewarded job. It seems to be very hard and exhausting, but the outcomes of it are miraculous and incomparable. According to possibly the most famous pediatrician in the world, Dr. Benjamin Spock, the key points of effective parenting are listening to own self, rely on own intuition and trust in own common sense. Dr. Spock says that sincere parental love and care are the most valuable things to be given to a child. He advices parents to be positive, to act naturally and not to be afraid of making mistakes.

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