Fitness And Nutrition, Part 2

Also, as a part of healthy life-style, I started spending a lot of time on the opened air, alone or with my friends. When the weather is not too rainy, after the lessons in the evening I do some little jogging or just have a walk in the park next to my house. Besides, at the week-ends we gather with my mates and do some hiking around our locality, or play basketball on the playground of our college. It is extremely refreshing, and it serves for good fitness perfectly well!

When talking about the things I would like to improve from the point of physical fitness and nutrition, I need to mention, first of all, urgent necessity to shape my body better than I did before. I need to improve my body image and to strengthen my muscles, especially on the legs and hands. That is why it would be great to continue my training sessions in a gym or sport saloon. Or, alternatively, I can do some serious physical exercises with dumbbells at home, but visiting sport saloon is always more effective: it motivates, stimulates and challenges much better.

As to nutrition, I would like to give up my habit to have quick meals and easy snacks. It is supposed to be healthier to eat well-cooked and well-boiled dishes, like soups, stews, etc. But, unfortunately, frequently we do not have much time for cooking because of our busy daily schedule. Besides, it is important not to eat fast or on feet, or not to read when eating, but sometimes I do. I think, I will try to schedule for my having meals, will eat more regularly and slowly. Also, of course, I need to think about vitamins in my daily meals, especially in spring time, and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. That is how I can make my nutrition more optimal and healthy.

Finally, I dream to master some basics of yoga practices. I find it very useful for fitness and health: meditation and relaxation techniques of yoga help to normalize blood pressure, decrease headaches and help to avoid insomnia. But also they help to lower levels of stress and anxiety, to improve mental well-being and find good harmony of body and mind. It is possible to learn some yoga techniques in special courses, and I am seriously thinking about talking one in the nearest future.

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