The Impact Of AIDS On Children

It is extremely hard and tragic to live with HIV, especially for a child. That is why it is vital to pay attention on numerous psychological moments when treating a child affected by AIDS. Parenting and taking care about such children is a real challenge, because it is very difficult to create good environment for proper emotional, social, moral and psychological development of these children.

The key point of this topic is to find out correct flexible strategy and behavioral approach to a child affected by AIDS. Some children need extra attention and care, but some of them do not want to be differed from their peers. Besides, parents or teachers of such children must always keep in mind excessive vulnerability of such children and their unusual mental reactions on issues of friendship, separation, loss, self-esteem, etc. The most common problems of such children are difficulties with socialization and suicidal thoughts.

Social help and concern about the problem of children with AIDS have to develop in two main directions. First of all, it is necessary to make everything possible to prevent further spread of this infection on children and young people. This may include helping women to avoid HIV infections, helping children to avoid its medical transmission and transmission through drugs or sex. Such work has to be carried out on multileveled basis: personal, in families, or in the community in general.

The second one is helping those children and teenagers, who are already infected. It is a very serious issue, because overwhelming majority of such children is orphaned and vulnerable, or they as being grown up in families below the poverty line. Recently many different international organizations, like UNICEF, are arranging special programs and networks of care, aiming to protect and satisfy the needs of children affected by AIDS.

Epidemic of HIV/AIDS does not slow down its expansion. This terrible disease considerably reduces the flow of social progress of our society and reverses the years of global development in health, economy and social life. Children and young people are in the main risk group. Specialists estimate that thousands of children and teenagers are getting infected every day, so they may not have possibility to become adult in good health, to form proper family and to give life to new healthy generation. That is why in our times, the problem of children with AIDS is one of the most important and critical for our society.

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