Parkinson’s Disease And Massage

In special cases of Parkinson’s disease massage becomes very effective due to its efficiency in muscle relaxation, relieve of muscle tension, prevention of muscle spasms and cramps, effectiveness for improving blood circulation processes. For Parkinson’s disease carriers manual therapy must be soft and light, massage program must include smooth and rhythmic types of massage, relaxing and soothing the muscles of the patients.

The main contraindications for employing manual therapy are problems with blood circulation, high pressure or troubles with heart. Besides, massage may not be recommended for those Parkinson’s disease carriers, who had recent bone fractures or injuries. Finally, massage may not be suggested for patients with cancer, because fastened blood circulation may create favorable environment for cancer to expand. The other contraindications for massage are skin damages, allergic reactions, wounds or large burns on skin, infections, severe forms of diabetes and problems with joints.

According to a recent research, conducted by the Touch Research Institute in Miami, it is evident that symptoms of PD are reducing after manual therapy and muscle exercises. During the 5 week research 16 Parkinson’s disease carriers were treated twice a week with 30 minutes of massage and progressive muscle relaxation exercises (like tightening and relaxing, etc.). By the end of the session patients reported about serious improvement in daily functioning, decrease of sleep disturbances, and medical specialists of the Institute discovered fall of stress-hormone levels of all the patients. “These findings suggest that progressive muscle relaxation exercises may increase dopamine levels, which have been associated with both a progression of the disease and a slowing of the disease,” researchers commented.

Massage is a very effective tool for all the disorders, connected with muscle-skeletal system, including Parkinson’s disease. It is very important to select a qualified and well-experienced massage therapist, who can offer several types of manual therapy and find out the most efficient for particular cases. If massage is applied correctly and in moderate doses, the symptoms of PD will soon begin going less critical, and patients will feel more relaxed, more comfortable, more energetic, calmer and morally healthier.

The other types of bodywork can be applied depending on the specific characteristics of every case. Many therapists recommend doing regular daily exercises, which will help to develop better mobility, improve motor function and blood circulation. Yoga and meditation may help to improve daily mood and inner condition of a Parkinson’s disease carrier; these treatments are useful when fighting with depressions and melancholy. Acupuncture is a very good treatment for tremors and shaking.

PD is one of rather spread diseases; it does not cause death by itself, but can result in lethal forms of pneumonia or aspiration pneumonia. Some people live with Parkinson’s disease for about 30 years. There are many famous people, who are sick with PD and who try to pay attention of the society on problems of Parkinson’s disease carriers. The most famous sufferer of Parkinson’s disease is Michel J. Fox, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in very early age of 30. Worldwide known politicians Adolph Hitler and Mao Zedong, Mohammed Ali, Salvador Dali, actors Jim Backus and Edward Winter, and many others were among Parkinson’s disease carriers.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Its not contraindicated for cancer massage. Cancer clients are asked to exercise and live as normal as a life as they can, witch moves the lymph vie activity of adjacent muscles, and movements creates to blood flow, so why should massage create any problem. It doesn’t, its less than a 1% chance for metastasis of the cancer to happen because of massage therapy.

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