Reaction on the paper The Impact of Influenza

The work  The Impact of Influenza as Reported by The Times (London, the UK), which was issued in July 1918-December 1919, exhibits to the reader a bright picture how horrible and destructive was influenza epidemic in England at the times of the First World War. The author of the writing focuses on lasting astute manipulations of information about spreading epidemic, in British newspaper The Times.

I think this paper is a very sufficient educational work which can be worth reading my modern students, specialists and general public. It is very well-structured and thoroughly readable. The content of the paper is very good, and the author leaves no unclear or arguable points in his writing. He successfully uses a lot of illustrative statistical materials and historical references to support the information he presents in this work.

Furthermore, the style of the writing is absolutely excellent. It is quite simple and constantly keeps reader’s attention up. Besides, the author did a brilliant profound research on the point, which can be interesting even for history specialists. Combining two above mentioned ideas, I can suppose that this work will be welcomed both by scholars and by the general reader regardless of time and profession.

To my mind, the disadvantage of this work is absence of some sort of conclusion or, better to say, some summary of the conceptual idea, which the author tried to promote in his writing. Also, abundance of statistical information makes this work a bit heavy, but, again, statistics serves perfectly as a vivid illustration of the events unfolded in this research.

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