The Issues Of Suicide And Suicide Prevention, Part I

Recently suicide grows into a real serious social problem, which requires some attention and research. Annually about 30,000 Americans end their lives with committing suicide, meaning that about 80 suicides happen every day. Committing suicide becomes the most dangerous among teenagers aged between15 and 22, as well as among aging people above the age of 65. Women are much more predisposed to suicide, they attempt it four times more frequently, than men do, but, statistically, men complete their suicide attempts four times more often.

Suicide PreventionSuicide takes place in any social, ethnic or cultural group, among children and adults, among males and females, among sick and healthy, married and not married, employed and unemployed people. That is why suicide prevention is an absolutely topical social issue nowadays. There is rather great variety of special reasons, which may bring people to end up with their lives by their own will.

Lasting chronic depression, despair, feeling hopeless and worthless, etc. are the most common reason of committing suicide. Such psychological conditions can be caused by many different motives: termination of a relationship or other sort of loss of a loved one, divorces or separation of parents, fights, quarrels and disruptions at home, troubles at school, like bad grades, troubles at work or unmet career expectation, lack of social success, loneliness, feeling old and disabled, facing of other social problems or negative changes.

Second reason can embrace mental or other sicknesses, like schizophrenia, alcoholism and drugs abuse, or such sort of disorders, when a person is mentally not strong enough to resist the idea of self-elimination. Besides, those, who have any kind of lethal disease, who are handicapped or paralyzed, may also have a strong tendency to suicide in order not to suffer and not to bring suffer to close people. Also, suicide is likely to be committed in the moments of psychological instability, like anger or rage. It may seem for a person as a way of revenging for something bad, or like a way of punishing somebody.

Social, political or economical reasons are less important, but for many people the problem of survival, making ends meet or absence of a prosperous future may become too hard to fight with. In adolescence it is very important to be resistive to numerous misunderstandings or misdirection in looking for own place in this world, in learning and comprehending, what this life is all about, thus not to get disappointed with natural principles of social existence and not to end up with living after some frustrations. In such ages there is also a slight tendency to commit suicide in order to attract attention and cause some public resonance.

There are several diverse ways of committing suicide, the most common of which are: taking poison or excessive amount of medicines, like tranquilizers or sleeping pills; using of firearms or other dangerous tools to destroy own body functioning; to eliminate oneself by causing a traffic accident, by jumping from tall buildings, by getting drowned in water or gas, etc. Unfortunately, a great deal of such suicide techniques are quite widely advertised in modern mass media making suicide more available and easier for everyone. This issue should be considered in the framework of any suicide prevention program.

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