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Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part II

Partial birth abortion opponents may say that if a baby was diagnosed to be seriously sick or somehow abnormal, it does not mean that he must be killed by abortion. First of all, there is always a probability of wrong diagnosis and prognosis, especially when a fetus is not born yet. Second, if a child

Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part I

Doctor David Grundman, director of Planned Parenthood Center, classified all pregnant women, who are offered partial birth abortion into five categories: (1) women, whose babies are diagnosed to be with different abnormalities, (2) women, who suffer any type of crisis: social, psychological, mental, etc., (3) women, who were not aware of their pregnancy before due

Partial-Birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion is a common term to refer to medical procedure of Intact Dilation and Extraction (IDX) as a method of interrupting pregnancy at its late terms. Partial Birth Abortion is a special procedure of abortion, which includes extermination and intact removal of the fetus from mother’s body. It can be successfully performed in the