Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part II

Partial birth abortion opponents may say that if a baby was diagnosed to be seriously sick or somehow abnormal, it does not mean that he must be killed by abortion. First of all, there is always a probability of wrong diagnosis and prognosis, especially when a fetus is not born yet. Second, if a child will happen to have some physical or even mental abnormality, it does not mean that he will be invalid and failing in his life. Moreover, the majority of geniuses of our times had one or another sort of abnormality, so we must thank their mothers for not refusing to deliver these people to our world.

Also, the opponents underline that Partial birth abortion procedure is exceptionally risky for a pregnant woman’s health. As Partial birth abortion Ban Act states, such risks include: “…an increase in a woman’s risk of suffering from cervical incompetence, a result of cervical dilation making it difficult or impossible for a woman to successfully carry a subsequent pregnancy to term; an increased risk of uterine rupture, abruption, amniotic fluid embolus, and trauma to the uterus as a result of converting the child to a footling breech position … and a risk of lacerations and secondary hemorrhaging due to the doctor blindly forcing a sharp instrument into the base of the unborn child’s skull while he or she is lodged in the birth canal, an act which could result in severe bleeding, brings with it the threat of shock, and could ultimately result in maternal death.” (Partial birth abortion Ban Act).

Partial birth abortionFrequently the foes of Partial birth abortion and abortion in general say that even if a child is unwanted, he must not be killed by abortion, because there are other ways for him, like adoption.  They say that abortion, especially performed by such brutal procedure, can be much more harmful for a woman, than unwanted pregnancy, because feeling of guilt will stay with her during all the life.

The main argument of supporters of Partial birth abortion is reported popularity and relative safety of this method of abortion, despite of the statements in Partial birth abortion Ban Act. Moreover, mostly, Partial birth abortion are acts of necessity: in some cases women may not be aware of pregnancy or be not psychologically ready for it. There can be many reasons, why a woman was forced to carry a child till late terms of pregnancy, and legislation must not forfeit her right to use abortion and to interrupt the pregnancy, as she would do in early stages. A pregnant woman must not become a baby-carrying devise, which is supposed to deliver a child in stipulated time, no matter what conditions are dominant in the situation.

The other argument is the uniqueness of the opportunity of making abortion at late stages of pregnancy in special cases of fetus abnormalities. Unfortunately, modern medicine can diagnose and investigate any sort of diseases and pathologies of a baby only in second-third trimester of pregnancy. That is why Partial birth abortion is exceptionally important, because it saves a woman from terrible suffering during labor, which will result in delivering of sick, abnormal or disabled child.

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