Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part III

Partial Birth AbortionIn addition to the mentioned in the previous article (see here), there are a great deal of cases, when a pregnant woman’s health is in danger and she physically can not continue carrying a child. In other situation, some deformations and damages can be developing in pregnant woman’s body during the period of carrying a baby, so labor and delivery may result in her death. Partial birth abortion becomes vital in such cases, and banning it can look as a murder: this time, of a woman. This kind of situation should be taken into account when considering the issue.

Furthermore, even if a woman is physically healthy, but still remains psychologically and mentally not ready for delivering and bringing up a child, partial birth abortion proponents may say that late term pregnancy abortion can be a good solution for such situation. The reason is: frequently, mother’s mental and psychological instability results in child abuse, which can be much more terrible crime than abortion, and which can bring to some really hard negative consequences of different levels, from personal to global. It is a very important argument, many people can consider.

In addition, partial birth abortion supporters frequently apply to some medical advantages of partial birth abortion as a method of abortion. They say that intact removal of the baby also considerably decreases the risk of puncturing the uterus of a woman, or a risk of damaging her cervix. This can be important for the woman’s health and the well being of her future child as well. In addition, during the procedure abortionist removes the fetus largely intact, which advantages better evaluation and investigation of the fetus which was diagnosed before with any abnormalities.

There is a great deal of opponents and proponents of prohibition of partial birth abortion. For exmple, the former President of the United States of America George W. Bush belongs to a group of strong opponents of this type of abortion, and the quotation from his campaign speech indicates his determination in banning it: “Partial birth abortion is an abhorrent procedure that must be ended once and for all.” At the same time, ex-President Bill Clinton and former candidate for Presidency John Kerry are among the avid supporters of performing partial birth abortion, expressing concern about health and safety of millions pregnant women and their families, too.

There are different opinions among leading medical specialists. Members of American Medical Association strictly follow the policy of ban support, when medical specialists of National Abortion Association, the American Medical Women’s Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Nurses Association criticize Partial birth abortion Ban Act. The address of NAA members to public states: “There are many reasons why women have late abortions: life endangerment, fetal indications, lack of money or health insurance, social-psychological crises, lack of knowledge about human reproduction, etc.”

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