Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part IV

Partial Birth AbortionSee more of pro and con arguments regarding partial birth abortion here and here.

Undoubtedly, there is a large amount of opponents and proponents of Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act among usual citizens of the United States. Recently different statistic opinion polls have demonstrated steady increase in group of ban supporters: in May 2000, approximately 66% of Americans favored to Ban Act, when 29% were against. And the majority of respondent consider that point of abortion must not be a subject of public and legislative involvement, and nobody must be forced to do partial birth abortion.

I personally think that this type of abortion is direct murder, because killing a baby in such a sadistic way can not be called in other word but homicide. If in normal conditions a pregnant woman is so very unwilling to have a child, there is an opportunity to make abortion during two first months of her pregnancy. But in the second trimester the baby is not an embryo anymore, it is already more or less formed human life, not very different from a baby in a cradle or at a playground. That is why, to my mind, partial birth abortion is obvious infanticide.

However, at the same time, I am against of total and categorical prohibition of this type of abortion in our country. There are some special medical cases, like, for example, heavy sickness or developing pathology of a baby in mother’s body, or some other ones, when a woman must be allowed to choose partial birth abortion as the method to prevent physical and psychological suffering for her and for her child in the future. In such tragic cases it must be a private individual choice and civil right of every particular woman to end the pregnancy, so the government must not strictly ban partial birth abortion.

Besides, to my mind, it is important that in such situations it must be only and exceptionally a medical specialist, who can recommend and approve the necessity of performing partial birth abortion. All the risks and danger, including health conditions of a pregnant woman and also the probability of wrong diagnosis of a baby, must be taken into consideration, and the decision about making partial birth abortion must be made by the doctor and pregnant woman in a private order only after proper medical tests and investigation.

In anyway, along with the problems of abortion in general and the controversy of receiving the right to die in dignity, the issue of partial birth abortion remains very arguable and debatable. I think, no matter how it will be regulated by the authorities, it will still remain the reason of discussions and misunderstandings in our community. It is not easy to find a compromise in limits of “to ban” or “not to ban” abortions, because every case is special and individual, every pregnant woman requires personal approach, care and understanding, and in many situations it is really difficult to decide, is the abortion really necessary, or it is just the price for some minutes of satisfaction in somebody’s life.

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