Morning After Pill Over The Counter???

Morning After PillThe PCP (post-coitus pill), the plan B, or so called morning-after pill is considered a unique kind of contraception. It can be used by a woman after an act of unprotected sexual intercourse, as well as in those cases when other contraception methods did not work.

There are situations when the birth control pills could not be taken in time, when condom turned out to be broken, etc., so there is a way for the women use this kind of emergency contraception as a great alternative to giving birth to an unwanted child or going through abortion. Morning after pill can work for those women whose contraception approach failed due to  stomach upset, or in the case when the woman is not sure if the oral contraception pill was taken on time. Morning after pill a secure affordable way to prevent pregnancy which can be used by any woman. Undoubtedly, this pill can be the only solution for a women who was raped or had to enter into sexual intercourse against her own will. If fact, any woman who was must be immediately offered morning after pill. According to the researchers, the pill work great in about 75 percent of the cases and offers great protection if taken within 72 hours after the intercourse.

There is a certain controversy and public debate related to the morning after pill since it is one of the prescription-only pills. In other words, this pill can not be purchased freely as an over-the-counter pill. Ten years ago the Food and Drug Administration has issued a recommendation to make morning-after  pill, be available for every one in need without any prescription. This issue caused a lit of public protests and a great response in scientific and medical circles. Some experts argued for making morning after pill available strictly on prescription, and some opposed the idea fiercely. Fortunately, this best result of this public polemics was informing modern women about this type of contraception, this way leading to increased public awareness about plan B.

Undoubtedly, the current procedure of obtaining the pill is very complicated. A woman in need of this kind of protection need to contact her doctor and obtain the prescription paper. But what if it is the time when doctor’s offices are closed? What if all the pharmacies around are closed? The pill must be taken as soon as possible! Therefore, the question of selling these pills over-the-counter has arisen. The opponents of the idea to sell morning-after pills as an over-the counter medication say said that this contraception method is not very well researched, especially everything linked to a long-term using this pill. They are convinced that making this pill easily available will dramatically increase the rates of unsafe sex. They understand this idea as an objection of moral conscience, as a form of uncovered aggression against the weakest living thing on earth, a human embryo.

At the same time, there are plenty of supporters of the idea who are convinced that making plan b birth control available in the pharmacies will not lead women to being careless as to their regular birth control  or their sexual activity in general. Moreover, they argue that using morning after pills could assist in controlling the nation’s increasing number of pregnancies each year and this way prevent a great number of possible abortions. Also, they argue that women should have the right to make a decision about using or not using morning after pill on their own and not rely of the officials in the FDA. They say that making morning after pill unavailabe on the first request violetes the basic rights of American women.

Finally, the supporters of morning after pill being available over-the-counter point to the fact that in the United Kingdom, this kind of oral birth control is available over the counter for over 10 years, and it was quite slight effects on the statistic of abortion and undesirable pregnancies. Regardless of the availability of this pill as an over-the-counter of a prescription pill, it is primarily important to inform women the terms of usage, and help them know everything about the related the risks and responsibility. Many specialists consider the plan b pills a very safe and effective way to decrease the amount of abortions, and according to the current statistics, the number of women who use this contraception method as a prescription pill is growing. Some states made the pill available over the counter, and hopefully, there will be more of those.


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