The Importance Of Water For Us All

WaterIt is impossible to underestimate the importance of water for the humanity. Scientists suppose that life on Earth has started under water. Now 75% of our planet is water: as oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, streams and beautiful natural sources, and deposits. We interact with water every day: we use it to wash ourselves, to drink and to cook meals. We need water to clean the streets and to give life to our parks and gardens. We enjoy watching fountains or artificial water reservoirs in our cities, or swimming in lakes and pools. Water brings enjoyment and satisfies our natural needs.

Many people enjoy having bath quite often: they try to find some time and take pleasure from bathing not less than once a week. Water perfectly calms down and relaxes, brings incredible amount of positive emotions, and every time we feel very relaxed and refreshed after the bath. For all people water is a source of comfort and warmth, that’s why some of us strictly do not prefer morning cold showers. The best way is to fill the bath-tub with hot water and enjoy it as long as we can. Some people enjoy dreaming while having a bath: they close their eyes and imagine beautiful pictures, or meditate. Sometimes they listen to music in the bath to increase the comfort and to have some emotional rest.

Also it brings enormous pleasure for many people staying at ocean beach. Watching endless waters evokes feelings of observing infinity and being a small point in this world. Ocean waters look especially beautiful and spectacular at dawn times or, on the contrary, along toward evening, when the sun goes down.  Most of people like a lot swimming in the ocean, or walking along the beach, listening to the screams of seagulls and to whispering of ocean waves, breathing salty air of ocean winds and enjoying warm summer sun. Waters of seas and oceans are very useful for health: bathing and swimming in natural salty waters improves our immunity and respiratory system, so this way it protects us from possible colds in winter. Besides, it is really very pleasant, exhilarating and relaxing for all the body.

Running waters of rivers and streams often remind us of running of time. Water is strong and eternal, as the time is. Also, natural water sources are always associated with cleanness and freshness. Many people tend to link the best memories of their life with water: the taste of fresh cold water from the wells of the farms, or swimming in a small pond, as kids. Some compare water with their feelings. As water takes shape of every container it is placed into, like a bottle or a cup, the same way our life shapes our feelings. We feel different things, when we are sad, happy, hopeful, frustrated, or depressed. In some similar way, life fills us with special waters of feelings, and they take shapes of our souls, which are changing according to the mood and disposition. Therefore, we ourselves form our feelings, like waters form rivers and seas.

Sometimes water becomes an object of art and brings inspiration and delight. There is a group of painters, called marine painters, who create amazing paintings of seas, oceans, storms, waves, etc., which do not leave anybody indifferent. Such masterpieces always fascinate me and I magically feel strong power and overwhelming energy of waters, even though they are just elements of the painting. Therefore, our experiences about water are very positive and pleasant; we find a lot of enjoyment both in bathing and in watching views of natural water. Water is a very important and irreplaceable part of our life, as well as a proncipal source of great health and positive emotions.

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