Smoking In Movies: Direct Effects On Modern Society

As we’ve learned from the previous writing (see Smoking In Movies, Part I), the majority of studies and researches on the issue indicate current increase of the amount of smoking in movies, along with growing importance of smoking characters in movie plots. This can be quite harmful for all modern young children and teenagers, who can try to copy, consciously or unconsciously, their favorite movie characters by borrowing their habits and manners, including smoking or even drinking alcoholic beverages. There are some most common ways of preventing such bad influence on children, and banning smoking in the movies (by removing those habits or possible censoring episodes of smoking, etc). Watching movies under supervision of parents, requirement of anti-tobacco advertisements, or necessity of hiding particular cigarette brands of movie characters are among the most effective of those.

Personally I would not say that smoking cigarettes in the movies can bring to some really very dangerous results and influence on kids of modern time’s since they are exposed to a great deal of things in the real life. Many would agree to the fact that smoking parents, siblings or close friends of the family can have much more serious impact on the forming life principles of little kids and young teenagers. Besides, as one of the studies has shown, smoking in movies and in real life have the same effects on children, so if parents want to spare a child from bad influence of smoking or other bad habits, they would rather make him watch cartoons or special movies for children, because those are almost free from this kind of bad behaviors.

But, of course, if the point is smoking some narcotic substances, which is actually frequently accompanied in the movies with numerous scenes of violence, cruelty, murder, or horror, then such movies must definitely be rated as the ones, which can be watched by children only under parents’ control. It is an obligation of parents to prepare a child for being exposed to tjose dangerous “pleasures” of real life, that’s why it would be better for adults to do explanations for their children during the scenes of smoking and violence in movies. Nevertheless, unfortunately, sooner or later today’s children will see all those negative things in their real life, so sooner or later they will have to decide themselves, whether to smoke or not, whether to drink or not, weather to fight or not, and whether to lead a decent life or not.

The issue of smoking in movies  is one of the most topical and important social issues of our times, and this simple fact as smoking role models in movies actually have a great impact on modern time’s kids. And another question is: should movie directors try to lower the amount of smoking, drinking alcohol or gun shooting in their movies? When thinking about little children and teenagers, we would strictly say “Yes”. But, on the other hand, it is obvious that more “sterilized” “refined” cinema art will hardly be attractive and thrilling for millions of its lovers all around the world, as it will not be supported by connections with “real life” and will not show “real” characters in the movies. Therefore, each of those who are involved in the issue should find his own answer to these questions and find own viewpoint to the effects of smoking in modern movies on our life.


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