The Pros And Cons Of Full Inclusion of Disabled Students, Part II

There is a great number of disabled kids and disabled students around the country, who are in need of care and aspire to achieving success in this life. Most of them understand that receiving a good education and not living their life away from the society are the key factors of happiness. At the same

The Pros And Cons Of Full Inclusion of Disabled Students

There are many advantages of inclusion of disabled students for normal children of the classroom. First of all, this is a good opportunity for them to learn more and to get familiar with disabled people, to observe their life and problems, to see the way they are struggling and trying to reach success. Therefore, disabled

Is Full Inclusion of Disabled Students Desirable?

Disabled students represent an important minority in our social educational system; they require extra care and attention during all their period of study. As federal legislation envisages, more and more disabled students are being educated in regular classrooms. But can such an inclusion be effective way for them? Full inclusion means the assignment of disabled

Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part IV

See more of pro and con arguments regarding partial birth abortion here and here. Undoubtedly, there is a large amount of opponents and proponents of Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act among usual citizens of the United States. Recently different statistic opinion polls have demonstrated steady increase in group of ban supporters: in May 2000, approximately

Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part III

In addition to the mentioned in the previous article (see here), there are a great deal of cases, when a pregnant woman’s health is in danger and she physically can not continue carrying a child. In other situation, some deformations and damages can be developing in pregnant woman’s body during the period of carrying a

Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part II

Partial birth abortion opponents may say that if a baby was diagnosed to be seriously sick or somehow abnormal, it does not mean that he must be killed by abortion. First of all, there is always a probability of wrong diagnosis and prognosis, especially when a fetus is not born yet. Second, if a child

Partial Birth Abortion Controversy, Part I

Doctor David Grundman, director of Planned Parenthood Center, classified all pregnant women, who are offered partial birth abortion into five categories: (1) women, whose babies are diagnosed to be with different abnormalities, (2) women, who suffer any type of crisis: social, psychological, mental, etc., (3) women, who were not aware of their pregnancy before due

Partial-Birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion is a common term to refer to medical procedure of Intact Dilation and Extraction (IDX) as a method of interrupting pregnancy at its late terms. Partial Birth Abortion is a special procedure of abortion, which includes extermination and intact removal of the fetus from mother’s body. It can be successfully performed in the

The Issues Of Suicide And Suicide Prevention, Part III

Coping with death is a very hard and individual problem; it has a wide spectrum of backgrounds, emotional, psychological, medical, ethical or social, etc. That is why there are many opponents of euthanasia; a lot of people consider it to be not suicide, but homicide, they think that a human, especially a doctor, has no

The Issues Of Suicide And Suicide Prevention, Part II

The problems of suicide are being studied very thoroughly and specialists have spent a lot of efforts and resources to find out the ways, how to prevent suicides, how to make people give up with this decision and support them. There are numerous scientific and popular books written with the purpose of publicizing and distributing