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Morning After Pill Over The Counter???

The PCP (post-coitus pill), the plan B, or so called morning-after pill is considered a unique kind of contraception. It can be used by a woman after an act of unprotected sexual intercourse, as well as in those cases when other contraception methods did not work. There are situations when the birth control pills could

Morning After Pill: Public Controversy

However, it is obvious that sometimes it can be very hard or almost impossible to find a doctor, who would write a prescription, and to find a pharmacy, which sells Plan B, within only 24 hours. That is why in December 2003, the Food and Drug Administration of the USA recommended distributing emergency contraception to

Plan B: Morning After Pill

So-called “morning-after pill”, which is also known as emergency contraception or PCP (post-coitus pill), is a type of contraception pill, which has to be taken not before an unprotected sexual intercourse, but within 24-72 hours after it. The latest chemical version of this pill contains a high dose of such female-type hormone as progestin (levonorgestrel).