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Parenting And Education

In education, it is very important not to leave a child completely to the schools. There are activities, which must be done at school, and there are ones, which have to be done at home. Certainly, parents have to involve (till definite degree) in the process of schooling their child, as well as continue educative

Parenting A Teenager

Raising a teenager is probably the hardest stage of parenting, because parents have to deal with already formed personality with his or her own viewpoints, who has a lot of inner misunderstandings and fears, who has daily struggles and fights with many dangers and temptations, who is still looking for answers, what is right and

Parenting: Stages Of Parenting

Undoubtedly, parenting does not start with the birth of a child. Scientific researches proved that unborn children gain abilities to sense, to feel and even to remember, being yet in mother’s womb. That is why they are always affected by mom’s physical or psychological condition. Besides, they are totally dependent on their moms in nutrition.

More On Parenting

Of course, it is very difficult to be a good parent. Effective parenting requires a lot of efforts, as well as, undoubtedly, some special knowledge and experience. That is why nowadays it is possible to take so called “parenting classes”, both in person and on-line. Such schools and programs for effective parenting offer all necessary

Parenting: Social Aspects And Methods

No feeling and no experience can be compared to being a parent. Raising children is very exciting and significant period of life, which is connected with tons of new experiences, changes, discoveries, and, certainly, with huge responsibility. In all hardness of our times, parenting remains to be a great challenging endeavor. Generally speaking, parenting includes